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Hey, everyone! Thanks for stopping by! We made this site because, let’s face it, we’re living in bizarro world right now. Things are getting weird and confusing. But we are here to help!

Are you:

  • Skeeved out by our current president?
  • Wondering how to date in the era of #MeToo?
  • Noticing that all of your female friends have been more openly pissed off than usual since, say, 2016?
  • Curious if you, too, might be a feminist?

Well, WELCOME! We have all of the answers you seek. Just email us your questions at askafeministdotcom@gmail.com and our panel of experts (yes, experts–don’t even go there with your mansplainin, you, we see you. Zip it.) will give it a think, and post some answers here.