Do This; Don’t Do This, Part 2

not sensative
By: Lady Feminista

After years of dating online for way longer than I care to ever admit, it’s become easier and easier to weed out the wrong kind of man, for me and sometimes for most other women. You can tell right away from their photos and their profiles. But occasionally, one slips through the cracks.

Within the last week, I’ve had two widely different exchanges. So, menz:


message screengrab 2

{Dude slinks away and unmatches Awesome Feminist on site}

Don’t say that!


Say this!

message screengrab

PRO TIP: Most of us, the ones that are worth it, do not want to hear your sexual advances when you haven’t even met us yet.

We are not to be objectified.

Don’t do it. It’s not worth it.

Because some of us will call you out on your behavior. And most of you won’t like it. But you’ll have to hear it and I don’t care how many times you do until you learn, once again, we are not to be objectified and have unrequited sexual advances put upon us without consent.

Absorb the information, take it as a lesson and hopefully next time you to talk to a woman, maybe you’ll get a little farther and actually go on a date with them.

And women, you are amazing and awesome and someone out there is the right kind of magic for you. And while you wait for him, please stop letting these men get away with objectifying us. Speak up. Call them out on their behavior.