Well. First question: do you identify as a fella or a lady? See sub-lists below. Identify as “it’s complicated?” We’re still working on that one…feel free to skip to just sending us a question via email.


Can I still flirt with women, and if so, how?

Yes. Basically just treat women like the human beings they actually are, and not like the objects our patriarchal culture has told you they are. (Wait, what is ‘patriarchal culture’? Ask us. We’ll tell ya.)

So, catcalling is still okay?

No. We hate that shit. Stop it.

Why are all of my women friends so pissed off?

Life. Ask them. Or us.

WTF is feminism, anyway?

All humans deserve equal rights, regardless of gender (and a bunch of other things). See, that wasn’t so hard.

Am I a feminist?

See above. Do you agree? Congratulations, you are a feminist.

But aren’t feminists man-hating angry people who don’t shave their legs?

Nah. I mean, some of us are, sure. But mostly, nah.

I still have more questions.

Great! Send us an email.

But all I really want to do is mansplain feminism to you silly little feminists. Can I still send you an email?

No. Go away now. Boy, bye.


Men suck. Do I still have to date them?

Not if you don’t wanna.

But I’m not a lesbian. Now what?

Have you *tried* to be a lesbian? It’s pretty fun.

No, I still wanna date men, just not the douchebags. What now?

We’re working on some dating tips. Stay tuned. We gotcha.

How do I restrain myself from punching men in the face on a daily basis?

Pull up a chair, hon. What, specifically, makes you want to punch men in the face? Send us a question.